Pedro Alvarez Mingo

Country: Spain
Artist: Pedro Alvarez Mingo 
Website: http://www.chenxiaowangeuskadi.com/
Email:  abantokotaichi@gmail.com

My name is Pedro Alvarez Mingo. Pedro is my name, here in Spain we use two family names: Fathers' and mothers'. Minggo is my mother's name. So I choose "MingPeiyou" as my Chinese name. It sounds similar to "Pedro Mingo". Especially "Ming" is a special family name, and a important dynasty in China (Taijiquan was born in.the dynasty).

In 2010, 2013 and 2015, I visited China three times. I know the story of Journey to the West about Buddhist monk Xuanzang and hise discpples, but I'm a westerner who always love to go East for experience.

Year OF 2005

Chen Xiaowang used to come Barcelona per time one year, and around one week every time. I studied Taiji as a student from Chen Xiaowang.

2005, Barcelona

 2006, Barcelona

 2007, Czech

 2010, Bilbao

Year Of 2010

In 2010, I was accepted in 2010 as a direct disciple of Master Chen Xiaowang, and belongs therefore to the 20th generation of the Chen family.

  Chenjiagou, Henan , China

 Year OF 2013

I visited Chenjiggou Henan Province China again, with my Taiji students together. In this year, I recognized Chinese brush calligraphy and fell in love with it.

 Chenjiagou, Henan, China

 kaifeng, Henan, China

I met the old gentleman who did calligraphy in the street. That's impressed me.

Kaifeng, Henan, China

I had my first calligraphy teacher once I came back Spain. His name Guoliang Xu.

Guoliang Xu explained Chinese calendar for me

I wrote calligraphy at home 

                                                 Year OF 2015

This my third time to visit China. I have the second calligraphy teacher Lianfu Yang, while getting the second Taiji teacher Jian Zhang.

at Lianfu Yang's home, Beijing

With Lianfu Yang and Jianzhang, Beijing

with Lianfu Yang, Beijing

Lianfu Yang took me to the mounting factroy, Beijing

                                                My Calligraphy

 I love regular script

I love <Daodejing> the best. I wanna finish writting the complete <Daodejing>. I'd like to check the best way to do this thing with May Pan. She advise this copybook for me. She recommend that it's better to copy the book first to learn the text more, writting by myself then. The copybook will come with my other order together.

I love Chinese calligraphy and Taiji Kungfu. I'll keep on doing things like those. If you are interested in organizing a workshop or creating a workgroup of Taiji in your area, contact me.

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Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!