Kalpa MacLachlan

Country: The Netherlands
Artist: Kalpa MacLachlan
Website: http://www.kalpamaclachlan.com/

From my very childhood I love to draw and paint, from there the desire grew to make painting my profession. I was accepted at the Academy of Fine Arts in Groningen, a city in the North of Holland. During my education I preferred to work with watercolors and ink in a direct and spontaneous way, still I was looking for the materials I could express myself the best.

After graduating I came across a Japanese artist who showed me how to work on rice paper, to see the dancing brushstrokes on this very absorbent kind of paper I fell in love with the Eastern Art of Ink painting.
To learn the technique I found my teacher in the Chinese artist Tian Wei, a professor of Chinese Art at the University of Zhengzhou, China.
It happened Tian Wei came to Groningen by invitation of the Academy of Fine Arts and was willing to give me private lessons. To be his student for five years I learned a lot about Chinese Art and the techniques of Chinese Brush Painting.
Practicing the basics over and over again, I became to understand the Chinese saying:"There is a rich meaning behind a simple form".


Together with Tian Wei

In the early '90 I became a Sumi-e teacher myself.
What I love about Sumi-e is the simplicity and the energy of the brushstrokes, the numerous shades of ink tones to express the essence of the subject and the meditative aspect of using Chinese materials. Like in the West it is important to work with very good materials, it makes the difference to express the subtal nuances.

Workshops & Courses


Since 2011, I am a member of the ICCPS (International Chinese Calligraphic Art & Chinese Ink Painting Society) and took part of many exhibitions worldwide. The main event is held in Anshan City, Liaoning Provence, China every year. I am honored to have won several Awards during my participation.

"Avocet" With this painting I have won the Japan Head Award 2012

If you like to see more of my work, you're welcome to visit my website: www.kalpamaclachlan.com or my facebook page; Sumi-e Atelier by Kalpa.

Thank you.

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