Orietta Bracchi

My passion for chinese brushes, ink and mineral colors, came from a big gift, from China, for my birthday .

Afterwards I  meet a japanese teacher who showed me the use of all my materials and more about traditional Japanese painting .

Here I show you, some of my works, done after the discovery of this website and the valuable tools it offers.

The excellent quality of the May Pan's shikishi are a great added value for my watercolors.

Hmay Art Supply is a xuan paper manufacturer from Jing county Xuan city Anhui province - the birthplace of xuan paper. We produce top grade xuan paper (shuen paper, rice paper) and provide superior quality paper crafts and other art items for Japanese calligraphy, Chinese brush calligraphy & Chinese sumi-e painting, etc.

Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!