Nan Rae

Country: USA
Artist: Nan Rae
Website: http://www.nanraefineart.com/ 
Email: nikka@nanrae.com 

The work of artist Nan Rae reflects her power of creative concept. Asian in technique, her work is profoundly impressionistic.  Her deft, rapid brush strokes capture the viewer in a wondrous sweep of pure, free and energized freedom yet clearly contemporary, clean in form and candidly robust, often exhilarating.

At Art Expo art connoisseurs commented that they felt as if they entered the painting and became subjectively involved in it.  Exhibited at the Grand Palais in Paris, Japan and China, this best selling artist's paintings and prints hang not only in the most prestigious homes in Southern California but also in private and corporate collections across the country, in Canada and Europe.

Nan Rae brings to Brush Painting strong training and experience in Western Art and an early love of French Impressionists. It was Monet's home in Giverny that led to her study of Asian art. Her paintings sing with the joyous themes and harmonics of both forms so effectively that the fusion of East and West is visible even to the eye of the casual art lover.

Prints and greeting cards produced from her art work are sold in museums and fine stores throughout Europe and the United States. Nan has taught over 3,000 students and her book 'The Ch'i of the Brush'  is in its' fifth printing and she is a sought after book illustrator.

Nan Rae conducts workshops nationally and at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in San Marino.

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