Anne Bonningue

Country : France
Web: www.artmajeur.com/annebonningue
Mail: abonningue@orange.fr

In further than I can remember, I have always cultivated a fascination for Asian culture. Its philosophy, painting, architecture, poetry, ...

Moderator and practicing martial arts (Karate Do Shotokan and Shotokai) it is natural that became my meeting with sumi-e.

This pictorial art that combines simplicity and spontaneity, its implementation requires in the abandonment of the self in order to leave speak; without frills or surplus; the Essence of the East, the Essence of His being in the moment.

This concept of Zen, Channel, present in the sumi-e, as in the art of combat, I also practice in meditation and through writing a poetry closest possible to the form and tradition Japanese as haiku, senryu, tanka ...

The practice my art in any form whatsoever, has no other vocation than being a food of the mind on a simple way of life!

Sumi-e is the Japanese term meaning "black ink" (sumi) and "painting" (e).

It is a painting technique born in China and imported to Japan in the tenth century by Zen monks such as calligraphy was practiced as an "exercise" spiritual meditation.

It is a pictorial art whose expression is that of Sobriety.

Its apparent simplicity, by its lack of detail, the aim is to reveal the essential, without imposing suggests. Such an invitation to dream and imagination ...

Only used shades of black (diluted ink and water) on the white (paper), FULL and EMPTY ... Traditionally, there is no color in sumi-e, which is then considered superficial SINCE it diverts the attention of the Essential.

The brush stroke made by keys at once strong and lightweight, sleek layout and without previous sketches, wants unique, spontaneous and precise; it does not allow editing, which requires harmony of Breath of the Spirit and gesture present in the moment.

The Sumi-e is poetry. A poetry of silence which must touch the visual depth of Being.

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