May Pan

Country: China
Craftsman: May Pan
Email: info@hmayart.com
Website: www.hmayxuanpaper.com
Hmay Art Supply is the world's largest xuan paper store online. We produce top grade xuan paper (shuen paper, rice paper) and provide superior quality paper crafts and other art items for the artists worldwide.

Nearly all sumi-e artists worldwide know there is a mysterious place in China which named 'Jing county'. Jing county attaches to Xuan city Anhui province China --- the birthplace of xuan paper. Xuan paper got name according to the place name 'Xuan'.
I love my hometown Jing county. 
Exactly, it's not my hometown, it's my husband's hometown.

Fell In Love

We fell in love in the university. His name is Ding. Ding is a family name in China. The whole village people have the same family name 'Ding'.

The Town name is 'Ding Jia Qiao', which attaches to Jing Xian Xuancheng city Anhui province. every home here works on xuan paper making by generations.

Got Married

After graduation, we got married.  We have a big family. My mother-in-law has seven brothers and sisters totally:)

 They have their own factories to work on different paper    carfts: xuan paper, shikishi, heart sutra paper, paper album,    brushes, etc.

The photo of the 7 brothers and sisters is taken last Spring Festival. The one in red hat is my mother-in-law (my husband Ding's mother). Another one I wanna introduce is the aunt who stands the right in red lammy. She's the third sister in the 7. 

Her husband built Tri-Star(Three Star) xuan paper factory in 1985, which is one of the most 2 famous xuan paper factories in China (another famous one is Red Star).

Part qualification and honor of Tri-Star xuan paper


Our Factory Workshop

The big family gets stable and good business in local market. I registered HMAY ART CO., LTD to sell family xuan paper(includes Tri-star xuan paper) and related art items foroverseas market specially as a supplement.

Hmay items are getting high reputation from all over the world with high quality.

On Hmay paper by artist Virginia Lloyd-Davies

On Hmay paper by artist Peter Ng

On Hmay Tri-Star paper 
by Chairman of Chinese artists association 
Liu Dawei

On Hmay Tri-Star paper 
by Chairman of Chinese calligraphy association 
Shen Peng

Why does HMAY paper so good? Because of special material and traditional hand craft processes.

Paper Main Material

Nature Stream Water

 Nature Wingceltis

It's one special plant grows in Jingxian only, because of the special mountain environment. It makes paper more more pliable and great tensile strength. Wingceltis tree grows very slowly, so the price of it very expensive.

There is a wingceltis tree in our factory. 
It's around 100 years old .

Nature Straw

Paper Making Processes

Drying the wingceltis

Cooking the wingceltis

Bubbling the wingceltis

Picking up black wingceltis

Pulverize the wingceltis

Picking up white wingceltis

Pupling the wingceltis

Wash the paste

Fish out paste into paper

Drying paper

Picking up paper

Cutting paper

Sealing paper

Pile into warehouse

There are 108 steps totally in traditional handcraft xuan paper making. The pics above shows the main steps for information.

Became A Mother

Xuan paper changes my life. It makes me get job I love to do, my life is full; It makes me get more good friends worldwide such as Virginia, Miki, Victoria, Maria, Orietta, Pedro, Peter, Evi, Elisa, Tereza, Ina, ...your friendship really bring me great happy... I have never known so many foreign artists paint oriental sumi-e so good till I met you!

I became a mother last summer. 

His name is Yun, my son. He will inherit the family paper making technology obviously. And I'd like to take him for studying sumi-e art if he is interested in when he grows up.

 Everything is fantastic! Thanks for everything!

Hmay Art Supply is a xuan paper manufacturer from Jing county Xuan city Anhui province - the birthplace of xuan paper. We produce top grade xuan paper (shuen paper, rice paper) and provide superior quality paper crafts and other art items for Japanese calligraphy, Chinese brush calligraphy & Chinese sumi-e painting, etc.

Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!