Carmen Mai

Country :  Spain
Name : CARMEN Mai
Web: www.shodoart.blogspot.com

Art therapist , formed in Interart (Barcelona ) , Biodanza instructor , artist , expert in Japanese calligraphy " Shodo " and sumi -e painting . Third Dan in Gyosho style and Diploma - Shihan Shoto Japanese calligraphy and sumi -e painting by Nihon Shuji Japan Foundation. Winner of the silver award for the foundation in Kaisho and gyosho style.

"I understand the world through art, I feel through art, weeping through art ... .. not live without art ... my whole life has revolved through it. I paint since I can remember. Thanks to art I discovered how I relate, as I feel, how I see the world ... .. has always excited me any artwork. for me art is expression .... and any expression excites me.

I've overcome my worst moments thanks to my art. And for all this I can not understand it, rather than as an ideal car for personal knowledge tool.

I began my wanderings in art from an early age and my life been tracking study of art.

In the continuing search for myself and new ways to understand, I became interested in Oriental art and Chinese and Japanese calligraphy ... in it I discovered the symbolism ... the energy ... the here and now ... the void ... fullness, power stroke, the drain has been through shodo I found the balance he sought. I have studied, (I am still studying) in china and japan calligraphy and painting, where I met painters and calligraphers excellent and good friends, who gave me, besides a great friendship, new knowledge.

I am deeply interested in the relationship between the creative and internally. This vital paradox is my inspiration and my work. I value my painting and my work, an experimental level that caters especially to creative and critical concerns in a simple way, and to reveal as much as possible, dormant potentials that exist in every human being.

Currently I teach calligraphy and painting sumie, I have my school in Granada.

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Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!