Kelly Wong

Country :  USA
Name : Kelly Wong
Email: kellycwong@hotmail.com

Kelly Wong was born in Macau, China in 1944. While growing up in Hong Kong and Singapore, Kelly was influenced by the Asian and Western art.

Kelly took up Marketing study at the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Santa Clara, California for his B.A. and M.B.A. When he was in school, he had taken art classes as electives to hone his Western painting skills. However, his interest in painting was interrupted while he was building his career in Marketing. He renewed his interest in painting, after he retired at the age of 55.

Kelly's work is mainly ink brush paintings in horses, figures and landscape, punctuated with watercolor. He had not taken any formal training in painting, especially in Chinese ink painting, but self taught in different media, including mounting, matting and framing his work. 

Additionally, due to the difficulties in finding professional seal carving, in frustration Kelly learned and embarked on his own seal carving, designing different styles and sizes of chop for his painting.

Painting is just a hobby for Kelly until his work was discovered by an artist friend. He was encouraged to debut his first exhibition at the Cherokee Club. 

Since then his work has been showing at various exhibition places, and receiving good reviews.

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