1st HAS Painting Competition



Glad to get 47 excellent artworks worldwide in the 1st Hmay Art Supply Painting Competition.

Now, The panel of the judges contributed their professional votes already. The highest comprehensive votes are: 017, 036, 042 (each got 3 votes); Then 015, 023, 043, 044 

(each got 2 votes). We set up 5 prize for 5 winners in plan, now I was pleasantly surprised 7 winners have been decided. They are:

Filippo Manassero/Jan Zaremba/Kolyada Nickolay/Patsy Surh O'Connell/Raggedy Bird/Tereza Mitry/Zheng Yingjie (Alphabetical)



7 winners will get:

1. A free pack of 32 xuan paper samples with free shipping included (AA001);

2. An offer to be take part in the panel of judges in 2nd Hmay Art Supply Painting Competition;

3. An offer to be shown on hmayxuanpaper.com site as VIP in 'Artists Worldwide' section;

4. A coupon $US10 of Hmay store on hmayxuanpaper.com 


All participants will get:

A coupon $US10 of Hmay store if you register on hmayxuanpaper.com before 5 October.


Thanks so much for all excellent artists! Thanks so much for the panel of judges' professional job! See you in 2nd Hmay Art Supply Painting then!

by Filippo Manassero

by Jan Zaremba

by Kolyada Nickolay

by Patsy Surh O'Connell

by Raggedy Bird

by Tereza Mitry

by Zheng Yingjie


The prize is a free pack of 32 xuan paper samples with free shipping included.

From 25 September to 30 September 2016

 Facebook Group 'Hmay Art Sumi-e'

Step 1.
Participating artists post one sumi-e or gongbi artwork in group 'Hmay Art Sumi-e'

Prefix #1st Hmay Art Supply Painting Competition

From September 25 to 28 September

1. Only one artwork in competition each artist;
2. The artwork should be original works.
Step 2.
Juries choose excellent artworks in group 'Hmay Art Sumi-e'

Time: before 30 September

May Pan will collect all participating artworks with number in one post on 29 Sept., each jury
will choose 5 artworks they like the best and comment the 5 number below the post then. The highest 5 votes (comprehensive votes of the 5 juries) will be the winners to get prize FREELY (Prize FREELY, FREIGHT FREELY).
Step 3.
May Pan announce the results in group 'Hmay Art Sumi-e' before 1 October
Step 4.
May Pan arrange shipments of the prize on 1 October for the FIVE winners.

Hmay Art Supply is a xuan paper manufacturer from Jing county Xuan city Anhui province - the birthplace of xuan paper. We produce top grade xuan paper (shuen paper, rice paper) and provide superior quality paper crafts and other art items for Japanese calligraphy, Chinese brush calligraphy & Chinese sumi-e painting, etc.

Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!