Victoria Zlatkin

Country: Ukraine

Artist: Victoria Zlatkin 

Website:  http://vzinspiration.com/


The drawing for me - it's like to breathe.

My name is Victoria Zlatkin.  I emigrated from the Ukraine
to Israel in 1992.

My first profession in the Ukraine was an elementary school teacher;  however, soon after arriving in Israel, I decided to drastically change my professional career and studied Graphic Design at Academic College of Arts and Education.  Since then I have been working as a graphic designer for seventeen years.

The enigmatic nature of Asia has always been a lure to me.  It was so different from everything I have ever known - its history,  culture,  everyday life and mentality.  At a certain point I decided to find out what the some countries of Asia are really about.  So in the simplest manner,  I looked in Google.  I was dazzled to learn how different people are both visually and culturally from the Ukraine and Israel.

From that day on my priorities changed.  I admired the incredibly hardworking nature of the Asians and their devotion to what they do, and began to adopt this as a standard for myself.  My criteria of beauty changed as well.  The sound of Japanese,  Chinese,  Korean languages became music to my ears.  Benevolence and the philosophical attitude of the people made me look at my life from a different angle.  I knew I wanted to be a part of it. 

All paintings on Hmay Tri-star xuan paper

First,  I drew portraits of Asian celebrities.  I was invited to
take part in the exhibitions in Israel and abroad.  But this was not enough for me.  Currently, I am mastering the 'Sumi-e' painting technique on my own, based on drawings and lessons of different teachers,  which I saw on the Internet.  I felt that I did not have to become a whole.

At first I trained to paint on plain paper.  Then I thought that I could try to paint glasses,  cups and vases and gave them as a gift.

And then a miracle happened to me.  My dear friend May Pan introduced me to one of her friends, who decided to help me and gave me a wonderful rice paper- Tri-star xuan paper. This man made me promise.  It was the best promise that I ever gave: Do not stop the drawing!

I am happy to promise that.  Because the drawing for me - it's like to breathe.

Sealing with Hmay stamp YZ001

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Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!