Alondra Asenjo Momberg

Country: Chile
Name: Alondra Asenjo Momberg 
Web: https://www.facebook.com/manitos.dehada.1
Email: alo_ndra@live.cl 

I was born in Osorno..South of Chile in 1968.  Once finished school I moved to Santiago to study languages ..English and French..

The last 13 years I am fully dedicated to ART..all kind of art using my hands such as embroidery..soft..patchwork..felt..cold ceramic...ceramic ...decorative..square and peine loom ..etc.

I have always felt such respect and admiration to the Nature...specially FLOWERS which I decided to study Watercolor.

Also and complementing my floral art I decided to study Bach Flowers..preparing myself  for being a Practitioner ...

Guided by the Nature ...Since 5 years I accidentally discovered the art which change my whole perception of life...Sumi-e...

Sumi-e ..so difficult to explain or define....because of  it's simplicity and at the same time ..the delivery  of so many miracles not only to the artist but also to the expectator...

This Art give me so many gifts...not only the beauty of its simplicity..but a way of life...if I could resume ....I will call it....Nature....Movement ...and Renaissance.....Thanks..

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