Liz Thomas

Country: UK

Artist: Liz Thomas

Facebook: Elizabeth Norris

Statement: I began Chinese brush painting just 18 months ago

and fell in love with it.


I had always sketched and used Western watercolour for bird

 painting but It's a hobby only, and I never had time to develop it

in depth. Part-time I came across a book by Maggie Cross 'A

 Beginner's guide to Chinese painting , Book 2 Introduction to

 colour' and thought I would like to have a go.


A local children's illustrator in Bath and patient teacher Penny

 Ives helped me with the basics and then I spent a week with

 Maggie Cross learning in depth. I have had a number of

 teachers since then and will have a regular mentor Chi Zhang

 from the Confucius institute in Edinburgh but have learned

 something from all of my teachers.


I joined the Chinese brush painters society and the Sumi-e group

 on line and I recommend sharing one's work to get feedback

 and confidence.


I am still reading, watching you-tube videos and learning all the

 time and practise every day I am not working, even if just for 30

 minutes doing an exercise calligraphy. I have had some

 wonderful calligraphy lessons from Jian Chu Xu at Guangwa

 Art shop in Shaftesbury avenue in London and hope to have



I love using couplet paper to produce long pictures with the

 various gold designs glowing through and white or beige

 Mulberry paper too. At present I favour Indigo and ink over



Chinese brush painting is a great hobby and has been

 instrumental in my slowing my pace of life and accepting

 mistakes and being prepared to make multiple attempts at

 achieving something without becoming stressed.



I hope  my paintings may bring you joy and for that reason my

 signature seal is 'Peace'.

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Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!