Olya (Moshi) Obukhova

Country: Russia

Artist: Olya (Moshi) Obukhova




Olya (Moshi) Obukhova is a 29-years old Moscow-based

 artist from Russia who is working in different ink-painting

 techniques. She experiments to integrate Asian and

 European views on art, but mostly works with traditional

 Chinese materials like xuan paper, wood ink and Chinese


<I think xuan paper is incredibly amazing because it's so

 strong for such a thin material.>


Moshi has genuine interest to all of the materials making

technologies, different kinds of Asian art and art in

general, history and philosophy of Chinese painting and

legendary artists from old times.

She always open for learning from chinese teachers and


1. had an internship in Liaoning University of Science and

Technology, Anshan (courses: chinese calligraphy and

guohua, 2014, 2016 yy.)

2. studied gongbi from chinese masters Li Zhe (in Beijing,

 2017) and Gong Xueqing (in Moscow, 2017)

3. studied xie yi and landscape painting in China Academy

 of Art, Hangzhou, 2017.

Artist paints mainly creatures and landscapes. Sometimes

makes her own seal stamps or even decorates clothes and


Since 2015 has been studying chinese. Since 2017 has

been teaching chinese traditional lanscape painting in one

of the Moscow schools.


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