4TH HAS Painting Competition

4th Hmay Art Supply Painting Competition


First place: Astrid Menick​ (got 233 'likes')

Second place: 

Angelika Korniyenko​ (got 106 'likes')  

Darlene Kaplan  (got 106 'likes')

Third place: Victoria Zlatkin (got 95 'likes')

Fourth place: Peggy Kimiecik​ (got 79 'likes')

Fifth place: Shay Niimi Wahl​ (got 77 'likes')


Thanks so much for all excellent artists! See you in 5th Hmay Art Supply Painting Competition! Let's enjoy art together, Thanks! 

by Astrid Menick 

 by Angelika Korniyenko 

 by Darlene Kaplan 

 by Victoria Zlatkin 

by Peggy Kimiecik 

by Shay Niimi Wahl 

UPDATE ON 18 December 2018





15 December 2018--- 17 December 2018 


Facebook Group 'Hmay Art Sumi-e'


You're welcome to post any painting (you need to be the painting's original author) about peony in the facebook group 'Hmay Art Sumi-e' during 15 December 2018--- 17 December 2018 . The winners are the ones who get more  'likes'. 


The participants are required to have physical addresses in USA, or UK/FR/DE/IT/ES to make sure you can get the prize from Hmayart Amazon stores directly. 


Prize with free Amazon shipping included:

(five winners totally) 
First place

1 MB029 brush set AND 1 Big Mood Seal (over 20 types big mood seals for choosing);

Second place: 

1 MB029 brush set OR 1 Big Mood Seal (over 20 types of big mood seals for choosing);

Third place: 

1 JZ003 Scroll (55 inch) (9 colors for choosing);

Fourth place:

1 JZ001 Scroll (40 inch) (8 colors for choosing)

Fifth place: 

1 MB030 brush OR 1 Painting Book (10 types of painting books for choosing)

Remark: The prize will be sent from Hmayart Amazon Stores (US, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES) directly once the winners are elected!

Hmay Art Supply is a xuan paper manufacturer from Jing county Xuan city Anhui province - the birthplace of xuan paper. We produce top grade xuan paper (shuen paper, rice paper) and provide superior quality paper crafts and other art items for Japanese calligraphy, Chinese brush calligraphy & Chinese sumi-e painting, etc.

Let's enjoy sumi-e painting and brush calligraphy together!