MT020 Hmayart Hu Kai Wen Quality Ink Stick (120g)
MT020 Hmayart Hu Kai Wen Quality Ink Stick (120g)

Price: $29.99

Date Added: 06/28/2017 by Alexandru EPURAN
"This ink stick is very smooth, very exquisite! Top quality and good price!"
I couldn't have put it better myself, really. I am using it with the wonderful DY006 Hmay Carved Ink Stone ( 22*14*4 CM) and had no "surprises". Let's have a small break here: the stone is a treasure in itself: you could just put it in your house and wander at it's beauty. I was tempted to do so. But no, I am using it and keeping it alive... it deserves to be used!
Let's go back to the ink. It's a pleasure to grind, it's also so rich and flavorfull and a joy to write (paint, calligraphy) with it. Love it.
Like they say: it's very exquisite !!! Try one and come back here!
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